Omni-channel brands could partner third-party services to deliver convenience

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May 20, 2019, 4:44 AM UTC

Using shoppable posts can take consumers from product discovery to conversion.

The author says that success for retailers in the current market condition is more about customer experience and less about pricing. So, brands can develop an omni-channel strategy to enhances customer experience and boost customer retention.

Retailers can use Google Analytics to learn more about their customers. The Acquisition reports, in particular, can show marketers the channels driving visitors to the websites. Additionally, Multi-Channel Funnels can provide an in-depth insight into the full conversion path.

Marketers must allow for shoppable touchpoints based on the platforms which have a maximum customer concentration. Partnering with third-party services is another way to provide convenience to customers without making brand-specific investments. To build a seamless customer experience between the offline and online channels, brands can let consumers buy online with the product being picked up by the consumers in the store.

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