Brands can maximise Twitter by creating videos and joining Chats

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May 20, 2019, 11:41 AM UTC

The platform makes it very easy for marketers to find and engage consumers on Twitter.

The author identifies Twitter as a “powerhouse” for finding a target audience, building relationships, and social listening. To maximise their presence on Twitter, brands can create videos specifically for the platform as not many businesses are doing so on or for Twitter.

Great looking videos can be made easily using different apps to stitch basic images and words together. Another way to interact is through Twitter Chats. For this, brands should identify its target audience and see which chats they participate in. Then, they can join the chats to add value to the conversation.

Brands can also leverage real-time marketing opportunities on Twitter. Companies can tap into conversations around trending topics with related updates. For this marketers could track TV shows, local happenings, and hashtags to identify relevant opportunities for the brand.

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