Animated explainer videos can be used by businesses to subtly “sell” their brand

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May 20, 2019, 6:35 AM UTC

These videos can attract potential consumers and educate them about the business.

This article notes that marketers can use animated explainer videos as a “caring” and “subtle” way to advertise. To attract views, the videos should be colourful, aesthetically pleasing and have character.

Especially if the videos are to be posted on social media, they should be one to two minutes long. Brands can also host the videos on their website’s landing page. An study found that an animated explainer video can improve conversion rate by 80% by making it easier for customers to get the required information.

Using digital animation for brand promotion is a cost-effective way of increasing traffic, creating a positive image and reaching a wider audience. The author highlights that using animated videos is a way to subtly “sell” the brand and not just the product or service.   

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