Acknowledging criticism on social media can help brands disseminate negative feedback

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May 20, 2019, 4:43 PM UTC

Having a clear public social media policy helps in brands being seen as transparent.

This piece says that while negative feedback is unavoidable on social media, brands should respond publicly and positively to showcase their transparency. Acknowledging criticism and providing details like email or personal messaging for having a one-one conversation can help establish a human connection with the customer.

Brands should quickly respond to comments or criticisms on social media to make consumers feel that their opinions are valued. Setting up Google alerts can help marketers to track mentions of their brand name across forums and quickly respond to them.

The author contends that brands can still come across a set of malicious people on the internet who post unsolicited claims to cause trouble. Marketers should remain calm in such a situation and cautiously ignore, hide or delete troll comments.

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