Reducing server response time and optimising images can improve website load speed

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May 17, 2019, 5:01 AM UTC

Websites must load fast to retain visitors and to be able to sustain their search rankings.

With website visitors “looking for instant gratification”, they may abandon a website with slow load speed irrespective of how good the website’s content is. Then, page load speed becomes an important factor in sustaining a site’s search engine ranking.

Load speed could be improved by ensuring the site is hosted on a quality server, keeping in mind to have reduced server response time. The article also suggests optimising codes, scripts and images. Another recommendation made is for websites to prioritise visible content.

A fast website has better indexing which allows for improved performance in search results. This then directs targeted traffic towards the intended pages. If visitors from this traffic find the site useful they could be converted to loyal audiences. This user base can convert to customers and impact revenues.

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