Brands need to start investing in Women’s sports

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May 17, 2019, 8:05 AM UTC

Nearly half of the women in the Americas, Asia and Europe are interested in sports, according to Neilsen

With only a small number of brands capitalising on the female athletes and their mass appeal, brands have an opportunity to build a powerful connection with consumers. But, marketers have been slow to the opportunity due to the lack of understanding about the demographics of its fan-base.

Brands need to sign on more female athletes and move away from male-centric marketing in the world of sports. According to this article, 51% of the fans that are interested in women sports are male and 49% are female.

This article states that women consume content differently as they tend to follow stories that humanise athletes, whereas men seek on the field action and stats. As women focus on enjoying the game day as a bonding experience with friends and family, marketers should create engaging ads aimed at women during such events.

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