Collaborating with influencers that produce original content can benefit search ranking

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May 16, 2019, 7:45 AM UTC

Brands could focus on influencers that create content for authoritative websites.

The author recommends working with influencers creating original and quality content to get a higher search ranking. Influencer marketing can be used to boost SEO. For this, brands could collaborate with these influencers over social media influencers.

Links and content are important search ranking factors. Original, quality content and links posted on an authoritative website would help boost search rankings. Such influencers could be engaged by seeking contributor quotes from them, having them on-board as guest bloggers, including them in expert round-ups, among other methods.

The influencers could be people working for authoritative websites and could be editors, bloggers, journalists and columnists. This group of people may already have the audience’s attention and the content they create is hosted on websites that aren’t a part of social media, making them more link-worthy.

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