Marketers need a clear understanding of AI to maximise its potential

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May 15, 2019, 12:22 PM UTC

It is essential for marketers to understand the limitations and capabilities of AI. 

This piece states that brands and agencies need to assess the abilities of their AI systems before incorporating it in their marketing plan. Marketers need a clear understanding of the technology and its capabilities to fully exploit its potential.

The author suggests that marketers should use model-based AI system which incorporates machine learning and continually fine-tunes data for better results. Regardless of what kind of AI is in use, it is essential that the system is updated regularly to improve machine learning over time and create accurate predictions.

As AI is all about data analysis, marketers need to be careful about the data that they feed into their systems. Marketers can also build an efficient data management platform to provide accurate data to help AI systems meet the brand’s needs.

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