Utilising social media data can help brands create content that drives traffic

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May 14, 2019, 5:08 PM UTC

Popular content in the right format can result in better consumer engagement.

Curating well-structured content can help marketers garner potential leads and help brands succeed in their online marketing campaigns. Producing popular content based on what is trending can help brands build authority in the market and increase conversions.

This article suggests that leveraging CPC data and deploying the appropriate keywords can help brands to rank their content better on search engines. Brands can gain insight into relevant keywords by using tools like SEMRush to understand what their competitors are ranking on Google.

Creating content that is popular and in the right format on social media can help brands to connect with influencers who can increase traffic to their websites. Marketers should be on constant alert to find out trending keywords and topics on social media which can be incorporated into their content. 

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