Change in audience mapping approach can help marketers address tracking prevention measures

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May 14, 2019, 4:36 PM UTC

Marketers can offer discounted subscriptions in exchange for true first-party data obtained from registered users

The cookie-based, cross-web user analytics help marketers understand the user’s online behaviour. But, with the introduction of Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention version 2.2 and Google Chrome contemplating blocking third-party cookies, marketers might face restrictions in gathering users’ personal information. 

Due to these rising restrictions, marketers need to rethink investing in third-party data platforms and focus on user-generated first-party data. The author argues that marketers can also overcome this challenge by setting up alternatives like Custom Domain Tracking to traditional cookie-based tracking. 

Marketers can also build their own attribution and measurement models to capture conversions lost due to Safari ITP and other channels. This change in approach can help marketers deliver relevant messages, measure their effort as well as respect user’s privacy. 

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