Advertisers should provide value to consumers instead of focusing on reach alone

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May 14, 2019, 10:00 AM UTC

Brands have ended up creating ad fatigue instead of getting the consumer’s attention.  

This article describes an advertiser’s focus on reach alone (over other metrics) as a “race to the bottom” which has resulted in “mundane” advertising. So, advertisers should rethink their focus on reach and try to provide value to consumers.

But, consumer’s “apathy and disdain” towards advertising has made it harder for the brands to engage them and trying to do so in an attention economy has created ad fatigue. To address this, advertisers must test content options that affect business outcomes and using the learnings from this to scale only those creatives that work for both brands and consumers.

Brands must pay attention to the wants and needs of the consumer. Learnings from these can guide content creation at volume allowing advertisers to think about how a brand message is created and where it is placed.

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