Marketers need to be careful to avoid low quality User Generated Content

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May 13, 2019, 5:20 PM UTC

Unchecked spam can negatively affect SEO ranking

User-Generated content helps websites get better SEO ranking by providing the context in the form of comments, posts, and reviews. But marketers need to assess if UGC works for the brand as they face the risk of losing control over the content.

Brands can get the most out of UGC by eliminating spam content with heavy moderation and using anti-spam plugins to leverage “captcha technology”. Applying “nofollow” tags to all links in UGC can preserve the SEO by showing search engines that the website is not supporting any backlinks with spamming content. 

Using third-party plugins to run a deep analysis of the reviews on the websites can help marketers to fight off the impressions that the reviews were created artificially. Allowing users to leave reviews by structuring data “schema” can help a user to click-through with the star rating on SERPs.

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