Descriptive yet concise subheads can make content more appealing to busy readers

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May 13, 2019, 12:49 PM UTC

Clear subheadings can help busy readers get an outline of the article.

This piece says that since readers are continually multitasking, writers need creative subheads to grab their attention. These subheads can make articles more appealing and easier to read by bringing out details that the headline cannot always convey.

The author states that creative subheads can grab a reader’s attention by directing focus on the outlined sections of the content, helping readers understand them better. To be compelling, subheads should be concise, simple and straightforward so that they can be easily understood.

Marketers can use subheads to address any questions that their target audience might pose. While making the article easier to read, marketers should keep in mind search engine algorithms and place keywords within the subheads.

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