97% of online shoppers leave brand-owned channels citing incomplete or incorrect information

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May 13, 2019, 3:56 AM UTC

Consumers end up shopping elsewhere if the product information is unclear or incomplete.

A research by Episerver found that 98% of all online purchases are pre-planned. For shoppers that plan their purchases look at popular marketplaces and then move on to a brands’ owned channels for information before deciding to buy.  

With consumers researching multiple channels before buying, providing credible content on owned channels becomes essential. The report states that companies lose 97% of online purchasers due to incorrect or incomplete content on their owned channels. Additionally, 87% of online shoppers compare information found on a brand’s website to Amazon.

The report also found that 63% of online shoppers have engaged with ads on social media. Also, 52% of the respondents have engaged with an influencer’s sponsored post, with 31% of those going on to make a purchase. 

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