Publishers must create a value proposition that benefits advertisers and content creators

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May 10, 2019, 10:14 AM UTC

Advertiser investments in OTT will drive publishers to develop content suited for OTT.

This article argues that with the industry investing in OTT, digital publishers must create value for both buyers and content owners to better serve advertisers that wish to engage OTT audiences programmatically. The author notes that investing in OTT ads will drive publishers to craft media strategies that includes creating content appropriate for OTT.

This is important given that digital publishers are looking to subsidise their ad businesses. Publishers must also identify ways to allow cross-device targeting by using first-part data gathered by publishers and advertisers to create audience segments that best match the relevant OTT content.

OTT content is also consumed through TV which sees viewers interacting with the advertising “differently”. To draw in advertisers that want to reach these audiences, publishers must rely less on “lower-performing” ad products by pulling programmatic marketplace higher up in the marketing funnel.

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