Product launch plans need to have “definitive” and “measurable” goals

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May 09, 2019, 11:26 AM UTC

Product managers should create a unique plan for every launch to minimise chances of failure.

In this article, the author recommends product managers to have a different plan for each launch by following some critical steps. Firstly, managers need to appoint a launch team leader and put together requirements of those involved in the launch process.

Next, decide the time and scale of launch by gathering inputs from the launch teams involved and create a “baseline” readiness report. The definitive and measurable goals that guide the product launch plan could be used to generate marketing collateral and promotional plans.

Product managers can then ensure sales and operational readiness. This can be done by seeing to it that the sales, operational and support teams are fully trained and have confirmed on the sales’ start date. Lastly, evaluate and assess the launch to learn lessons for the future. 

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