Craft brand marketing and advertising to reflect customer’s goals

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May 09, 2019, 12:11 PM UTC

It is important for content to feel like “me” to consumers.

This article argues that branding involves going beyond creating a logo or a colour scheme. Instead, it involves identifying the brand purpose and how a business connects and interacts with its customers.

Before implementing marketing strategies, the author recommends that companies ask themselves “What is the point of my business?” to determine the need they serve in the market. If the “point” of a business isn’t pre-defined, it can be challenging to create content that consumers can connect with.

To get people excited about a brand, the article suggests that companies should be customer centric and demonstrate how they can help them achieve their goals. Identifying the target audience and what they resonate with can help businesses craft content that feels like “me” to consumers allowing them to get comfortable with the brand.

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