Companies need discipline, courage and vision to be thought leaders

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May 08, 2019, 12:16 PM UTC

Developing a thought leadership strategy will help brands gain a competitive advantage.

This articles argues that “compelling thoughts and strong leadership” are not enough for brands to become thought leaders. Going beyond this, they need to start by determining the type of thought leaders they wish to be. The author distinguishes three types: “the sage” who contextualises industry changes, “the convener” who solves common problems by bringing groups together or “the disruptor” who challenges traditional practices in both word and action.

The author notes that thought leadership is about transformation aided by a strong vision. Companies can share this vision by forming content and connectivity strategies to build their reputation as a thought leader.

Brands should make a long term commitment and take actions supporting their thought leadership platform. The piece concludes that true thought leadership is when companies can persuade stakeholders to believe in their vision and also their ability to achieve those results.

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