Sponsoring podcasts can help brands boost sales without investing in their own

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May 07, 2019, 11:29 AM UTC

Participating in industry podcasts can also help brands build an audience.

The author notes that podcasting can allow brands to boost brand growth and growing their audience. The article cites an Edison Research Survey which found that on a monthly basis, 73 million Americans listen to podcasts with 48 million doing so weekly.

Participating in industry podcasts allows brands to build their audience and provide value to listeners. Additionally, brands can opt for sponsoring relevant podcasts or also have podcasters review a product or a service to boost sales. A Nielsen report found that purchase intent increased for brands that advertised on podcasts. It rose 12.8% and 14% for brands that advertised on news and business podcasts respectively.

While creating podcasts could seem difficult, Seth Greene, founder at Market Domination LLC points out that a single podcast’s content can feed into other blogs, infographics, videos and other social media content.  

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