Brands must think of customer service as a “strategic business tenet”

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May 06, 2019, 12:40 PM UTC

An effective customer service strategy can improve customer retention, product and perceived business value.

This article argues the need to rethink the role the “reactionary” customer service and the larger customer experience functions play. Customer experience, instead of being just reactionary, is much broader and includes customer service. It can also influence buyer journeys across and within the organisation.

This influence could extend to product management, R&D, even the brand’s tone-of-voice and content. With customer service being an aspect of the customer experience, the author argues developing a well-defined customer service strategy that can help improve customer retention, product value and perceived business value.

As customer experiences are “demonstrable and tangible”, the article suggests for its teams to be a part of the marketing department instead of support. For customer service, the author suggests that the executive level considers it as a “strategic business tenet”, just as marketing and sales strategies are treated.  

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