Testing ads on Facebook can help get better ROI

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May 03, 2019, 2:54 PM UTC

Allocating 10-20% of Facebook advertising budget for ad testing can help businesses get stronger results

Running continuous tests on Facebook ads over regular interval helps advertisers assess which ads are performing better. Advertisers can test potential audiences against ‘high-value lookalike’ audiences by using different keywords to check which ads drive better engagement.

Brands should test their video ads with captions while limiting the amount of text on the thumbnail image. Images with less than 20% text perform better even as Facebook maintains strict restrictions on the amount of text allowed on videos.

The piece advises using Google Analytics to complement Facebook’s metrics to determine which ads generate more engagement. Deploying Delivery Insights tools can also help marketers avoid audience fatigue, by helping figure out the percentage of audiences seeing the ad for the first time.

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