“Weird subculture” stereotyping is keeping brands from advertising in games

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May 02, 2019, 5:21 PM UTC

50 billion hours of gaming content was consumed on YouTube last year. 

A recent report by BBH Labs said games made more money in 2018 than films and music combined. But a lack of understanding and social stigma is making brands miss out on advertising in the popular medium.

Games offer a wide range of opportunities for brands to advertise ranging from in-game advertising to sponsorship and promotions. But the article argues that gaming has suffered from being stereotyped as a “weird subculture” that people indulge in when lonely or bored.  

The piece says that as games evolve from first-person shooters to becoming complex narratives they will become a more appealing prospect for brands. Just as brands were wary of advertising on social media a decade ago, gaming will undergo a similar process.