Marketers can make AI more acceptable by humanising the technology

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May 02, 2019, 1:15 PM UTC

Research by Kantar says 52% of global consumers are worried about AI’s future impact on society

With marketers increasingly adapting AI, concerns about flaws and biases in machine learning algorithm are becoming common. Google and Microsoft recently acknowledged that flaws or biases in the AI algorithm can not only harm a brand’s reputation but its finances as well. 

The author argues that AI is not inherently biased, but it is the biased data sets used in the algorithm that cause the problem. Ericsson Research suggested marketers diversify everything from their teams to data sets in order to overcome biases and implement societal ethics in AI algorithms. 

This piece contends that AI needs to be developed keeping the end users in mind instead of just focusing on technological aspects. Marketers can help technologists improve machine learning algorithm by bringing in their human perspectives into its development. 

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