Mobile-first email design can help brands create a uniform experience across platforms

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April 30, 2019, 2:22 PM UTC

Well-spaced CTA’s can help emails have more click-through rates and conversions

With 56% of emails being opened via smartphones, brands need to keep their emails light and to the point.  Designing emails with a mobile-first approach can help in rendering emails faster and reduce the risk of customers mistaking the email as being broken and ignoring it.

The article suggests brands should consider having emails in a single, easy to scroll, efficient columns for better engagement. Using a clear subject line can help brands to let their recipient know the exact purpose of the email, having a higher chance for the email being read.

When sending emails, brands should consider the recipient's time zone before mailing them. This ensures that emails don’t end up at the bottom of the user’s inbox list or wake someone in the middle of the night.

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