AI tools and publisher relationships can help deal with brand safety issues better than blacklisting

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April 24, 2019, 5:03 PM UTC

60% of marketers used blacklisting last year to protect their brands from being displayed around unsafe content.

Blacklisting can help insure brands from unsafe environments but the popular tool can also act as a barrier between marketers and potential customers. The author in this article contends that there are better tools to tackle brand safety without effecting consumer reach.

Brands could consider working directly with publishers to buy ad slots, ensuring brands advertise only on brand safe websites. 55% of marketers have a direct relationship with publishers making it easier to track where ads appear.

Advertisers could also use AI-powered technology to identify any images that might damage the brand. They can also adopt the ads.txt, a security protocol developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which improves transparency in programmatic advertising by listing all third-party vendors authorised to sell advertising slots.

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