Retailers need to assess if AR actually helps them to grow their revenue and customer base

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April 18, 2019, 4:54 PM UTC

Many retail stores have not been able to replicate the AR success of brands like Sephora.

The retail sector has seen major changes on the technological front in the last few years with brands clamouring to get on the augmented reality (AR) bandwagon.  But the author contends that retailers need to assess whether AR is a good investment for them.

Big brands like Amazon and T.J.Maxx (T.K.Maxx in the UK) have captured the market with lower prices rather than AR. Retail stores could be better off investing in getting lower prices over costly technological innovations like AR which require a lot of time and resources.

The piece suggests that retailers should quantify the pros and cons of integrating AR with their businesses and assess its impact on customer experience.  While AR works well for likes of IKEA by elevating customer experience, not all retailers have been able to replicate its success.

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