Ensuring a smooth user experience while watching videos can drive greater audience engagement

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April 18, 2019, 10:27 AM UTC

Consumers switch screens an estimated 21 times per hour and consume media for approximately 12 hours a day.

Consumers expect a seamless user experience while they go from choosing a video, watching it and then moving back to the website. Given that consumers have multiple video streaming options marketers face unprecedented competition in the “attention economy”.

The author suggests marketers need to understand who their audience is by tracking measures like completion rates, audience segmentation and engagement metrics. These insights can be used to figure out how quickly they have to get their message across before the audience loses interest.

Using multiple ad tech stacks on the same platform can sometimes make the viewing experience cumbersome, leading to reduced audience engagement. The author says that offering open, complete and flexible solutions is important to create a “direct, unmediated” connection with the audience.

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