84% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to trust brands that use actual customers in ads

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April 16, 2019, 3:09 PM UTC

Gen Z consumers want to be a part of the brand experience instead of just buying.

WP Engine’s annual study revealed that 79% of Gen Z consumers are more trusting of companies that don’t use photoshopped images. Apart from wanting to see actual consumers in ads, this consumer segment can readily identify derivative and clichéd brand content. 

Old-school brands may find their marketing efforts to be less effective on Gen Z audiences as this group doesn’t want to be sold to. Gen Z consumers would prefer for their styles and opinions to be influenced by “real people” over brands trying to make a sell.

To engage Gen Z consumers, brands can focus on providing an “authentic experience”. If successful, Gen Z may end up leveraging their own social channels to become brand ambassadors, much like influencers.

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