A majority of marketers find AI is improving marketing effectiveness

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April 12, 2019, 1:52 PM UTC

While machine learning and automation are on the rise, marketers still believe human intuition to be a crucial ingredient.

Around 55% of marketers said they found machine learning leads to increased market effectiveness, according to an Effie Worldwide survey. But the trend is still in its early days, with around 27% saying they are not investing enough in the technology to have an answer.

The research shows that marketers are reducing their investments on TV and print spends. Investment has also gone down in event and sponsorships with brands preferring to create their own stories instead of relying over “halo association” with events like Coachella.

The piece says that AI can help marketers analyse data in greater volumes and at faster speeds than humans can. An Effie judge, Luis Di Como, said that AI will help professionals save more time so that they ‘can do more creative work.’

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