Competitor adjacency is an underreported threat to brand safety

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April 11, 2019, 8:48 AM UTC

63% marketers believe clashes with competitor content or branding is the most prevalent digital brand safety issue.

This article notes that, following high profile issues with controversial content, 99% of marketers agree that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have tried to improve their brand safety strategies. But on digital platforms, brands are still facing issues with campaigns from competing brands appearing next to each other, as opposed to "toxic adjacencies" with problematic publisher or user-generated content.

Such competitor adjacencies threaten consumer loyalties which brands have spent many years and resources to build. The author notes that across media channels like TV, print, and radio, the issue has largely been addressed but digital platforms still struggle with it.

Digital marketers can tackle competitor adjacency by using the correct tools. For example, computer vision can help monitor the ever increasing amount of content for new threats. Creating blacklists may also be useful and marketers may consider employing the expertise of specialist brand safety officers.

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