Brands should involve influencers in product development 

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April 02, 2019, 4:28 PM UTC

Leveraging influencers’ knowledge of their followers could create “win-win” collaborations.

This article suggests that brands look beyond the backlash that influencer marketing has been receiving. Instead of writing off influencer marketing, the author recommends for brands to involve influencers in the product development process.

The author notes that the changing media and marketing landscapes have shifted the focus from media and brands to the consumer. This shift in focus is forcing brands to entertain and inform users rather than interrupt them with ads: it’s predicted that in 2020, 27.5% of US internet users will block ads on their connected devices.

Giving influencers input into the product development process and allowing them access information about the brand or product will enable them to create engaging content. For brands, this involvement could also be a way to gain the trust of the influencer’s followers. 

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