Brands should opt for a more considered content strategy on social media

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April 01, 2019, 4:17 PM UTC

Advertisers must prioritise relevance over volume to win attention from other content.

This article makes the case for rethinking brands’ social media posting frequency and considers whether posting less could be a better strategy. Brands need to be mindful about other content they will have to compete against for consumer’s attention on platforms including user-generated, non-commercial content. YouTube, for example, sees 400 hours of video uploaded each minute.

As a way to stand out against this other content, the author proposes posting “intentional, moment-focused content” instead of posting a high volume that may or may not be relevant when it’s consumed. The article notes developing content based on these relevant “moments”. These could be a larger cultural events or a new product launch.

Looking into consumer feedback, negative and positive, can allow brands develop better social media content. Content built through this approach will help brands add value to the consumer’s feed and get noticed.

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