Creating user personas helps engage consumers through content marketing

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March 29, 2019, 5:41 PM UTC

These creative devices enable a brands’ content to speak directly to their customers.

This article recommends building user personas, which are essentially a representation of the brand’s target audience, as a part of content marketing efforts. These fictional character profiles can help brands create compelling and engaging content. An ideal user persona resembles the target segment in detail, such that it even reflects their lifestyle habits. 

When creating a persona, brands should ask themselves if the character being created mirrors the target segment as a decision maker in the buying process and try to identify what would worry that person. Other factors to note are demographics, sensitivity to trends, and time spent online per day, among others.

The author notes that this process makes customers feel “appreciated, comfortable and satisfied”. This “direct” manner of engaging the consumer can also help them to stay on a brands’ page for longer.

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