Brands should develop sonic branding with original music and playlisting strategies

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March 27, 2019, 4:00 PM UTC

Sound based branding can create an additional touchpoint and a richer customer experience. 

This article proposes using a sonic identity to reinforce brand recognition and enhance customer experience. The identity’s strategic use alongside brand ads and content can produce an emotional response with consumers.

The author cites Formula 1’s new sonic logo as an example of innovative sonic branding, adding that the creative use of original music can be a top of mind touchpoint for a brand’s product or service. Such an effort can help brands reach new audiences and even aid product adoption.

Brands can also develop a playlist strategy which could help in building deeper connections and turn casual users into brand ambassadors during “micro-moments”. With over 25 active playlists, Coca-Cola is an example of a brand implementing this strategy.

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