An IPG Media Lab study finds 29% of TV ads are not “viewable”

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March 19, 2019, 11:56 AM UTC

A new measurement method suggests TV faces similar challenges to digital video.

The agency worked with TVision to analyse TV viewing behaviour spanning six months to determine ad viewability. An ad was considered vieweable when a viewer was present in the room for at least two seconds while it aired. The headline figure is similar to that for digital video ads, quoted as 31%.

Among all ad deliveries that were tracked, pharmaceutical and recreational ads fared better than other categories. With generally longer ads, the pharma category had 75% viewability and recreational ads (entertainment venues, toys, games, gyms, fitness) registered 65%.

Opening up the debate on TV ad viewability, Luke McGuinness, president of TVision said, “TV does have a viewability problem that is similar to that of digital”. 

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