Brands need to modernise their approach to gender representation on social media

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March 19, 2019, 12:30 PM UTC

We Are Social used AI to scrape brands’ Instagram feeds to measure gender representation.

The research found that images of males seemed to dominate in categories that are considered traditionally male. The same was true for female representation.

The author notes that to achieve better gender representation, brands could simply look at how they make casting choices. They highlight that the argument is also about how each gender is represented and not only about how many men or women are represented.

The piece also cautions that sticking to “worn out” traditional gender roles could make brands seems out of touch to the 60% of Gen Z consumers who believe genders beside “man” and “woman” should be included. Volkswagen is cited as an example of a brand looking to stay current, with 57% women featured in their content.

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