Many consumers are dissatisfied with rewards schemes

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February 26, 2019, 5:39 PM UTC

Programmes are perceived as too slow and onerous, consumers seek surprise rewards.

The 2019 Loyalty Barometer report from HelloWorld maps out consumer attitudes to various types of loyalty programmes and suggests that many existing approaches could be improved: 54% surveyed reported that it takes them too long to earn rewards and 38% felt it was too difficult.

Instead, 61% wanted surprise offers from brands simply for being customers and three quarters wanted rewards for engaging with a brand’s video content or surveys. The preferred benefits were free products (76%) and discounts (74%).

It also shows that most consumers like to use mobile apps to find out about loyalty programmes and, looking to the future, highlighted variations between younger generations and the rest. Overall, 64% were happy with traditional “points for rewards” systems but significant numbers of Millennials and Gen X liked “creative or unexpected rewards”.

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