Businesses could benefit from building their own unique lead scoring templates

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February 26, 2019, 6:00 PM UTC

This article details how to create a lead score list for any business.

It explains that most businesses don’t practice any form of lead scoring and 70% of leads and sales are lost because of poor follow-up practices. The technique could help marketers improve this by directing resources towards potential customers in a targeted way.

There is no single template for lead scoring as each business is unique and needs its own model. These can be created by cataloguing leads into groups based on their engagement with the product. These groups should be informed by identifying who the target customer is and understanding their requirements.

The next step is to identify those leads most likely to convert into customers based on how they engage with content. A points system can then be devised by assigning more points to higher commitment actions and fewer points to lower commitment actions, then following up accordingly.

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