Digital transformation trends will make CMOs more important

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January 29, 2019, 1:44 PM UTC

Brian Solis and analysts from Altimeter map trends including the expanding role of top marketers.

They predict that an increasing number of digital touchpoints for brands will take the CMOs scope beyond a traditional top-of-funnel focus. The growth in data from more digital interactions, paired with powerful real-time analytics will allow marketers to intervene and add value throughout customer lifecycles, bolstering marketing’s role and respect in the c-suite.

Also covered is the Internet of Things’ potential use as a marketing channel. One analyst argues we should expect to see connected devices or the apps needed to control them delivering targeted messaging to owners. There will be challenges for marketers in integrating data from products with existing records but the systems to incorporate this will arrive.

Touching on PR challenges, communications strategist Shel Holtz is referenced, saying that the “we can do better” response of tech firms to data breaches has become the equivalent of the cliché “thoughts and prayers”. The authors argue that this will change in 2019, with marketers and PRs at tech companies leading big public campaigns to restore trust.

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