An end to “the-cat-and mouse game” with malware advertising?

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January 22, 2019, 11:51 AM UTC

New technology promises to find and block new threats in real time.

Malvertising, where bogus adverts carrying malware are inserted into ad networks and appear on webpages, is a significant issue in the ad tech ecosystem. This week Clean Creative, a start-up headed by a former svp of publisher platforms at Oath, has launched an innovative solution for its initial roster of 30 publishers

It is meant to be an improvement on current systems based on blacklists of known threats, which can be easily worked around with small alterations to the malware’s code. Instead Clean Creative continuously monitors the code executed in ads to detect unusual activity like pop-ups or redirects.

It then blocks any new malware it finds and adds the offending code to its library, enabling similar threats to be prevented en masse. Tackling malvertising would be a big boost to publishers as it can ruin reading experiences and, since consumers rarely report it or complain, the scale of the impact isn’t clear.

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