Advertisers should be cautious of unreliable publishers

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January 21, 2019, 12:39 PM UTC

Research finds an indirect effect on brands from ads being seen with ‘fake news’ content.

Reassuringly the results show that there doesn’t seem to be a direct relationship between perceived untruthfulness of a particular piece of news content and negative attitudes and intentions towards brands or products that happened to be shown next to the content.

But there is still cause for caution for advertisers. The study did find evidence of an indirect effect on consumer perceptions – content that was judged to be untruthful lead to a negative judgement about the quality and reliability of the source, which then impacted the trust shown towards brands advertising on it.

That loss of trust could have impacts on attitudes and even behavioural intentions like buying behaviour, suggesting brands would do well to pay attention to the credibility of the properties they advertise on.

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