Targeting the Student Market - Banking

September 01, 2017, 4:01 PM UTC

The student population are facing increased financial pressures. This, coupled with day-to-day spending, will likely result in the majority of students having a significant level of debt on leaving university. This report explores this issue and provides detailed insights into the level of understanding and knowledge students have of their finances and impact of debt. In addition, it gives informed recommendations for financial institutions in how they can best target the student market.

For this report, we have run in-depth statistical analyses of YouGov Profiles data to produce practical advice including:

  1. Insight on perceived levels of debt of students on leaving university.
  2. Attitudes towards finance. 
  3. Banks students are current customers of and banks they are most likely to consider. 
  4. Opinions the on role of university in forming students on finances.

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