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From our partners at the University of Cambridge comes ELECTION, the weekly Politics Podcast produced by the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) – asking tough questions in the run-up to the British General Election with the greatest minds inside and outside the political arena.

Can democracy adapt to our strained political system? Who (if anyone) will ‘win’ in 2015? What can the lessons of the past teach us about the future? Professor David Runciman interviews and puts these questions to philosophers, historians, scientists, and political thinkers – with enlightening results – in a weekly podcast series coming from his office at POLIS.

In the latest episode, Professor Runciman has interviewed Stephan Shakespeare (YouGov’s Co-fouder/CEO) and Michael Howard, former Conservative Leader, on Margaret Thatcher, the true power of polls, and the impact of UKIP in 2015.

See the POLIS homepage for ELECTION here

See and all episodes available so far on iTunes here

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