Director of Political and Social Research

Our latest daily polling figures for the Sun (fieldwork 24th-25th March) are:

  • Conservative 37%
  • Labour 33%
  • Liberal Democrat 18%
  • Others 12%

Today's survey suggests that the public were less than impressed with the budget. Only 32% think the budget was fair and only 26% think it will help put the British economy back on track; 51% think it won't. There has also been a drop in economic optimism since our pre-budget polling: on Tuesday net optimism (the proportion of people who expect their financial situation to get better minus the proportion who expect it to get worse) stood at minus 10, in our latest poll it has dropped to minus 19.

However, this is not reflected in a significantly increased lead for the Conservatives. Their position in the polls is up slightly, from a two point lead to a four point lead, but this only takes them back to the same position we have seen in our daily polls from most of the last fortnight.

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