Better safe than sorry

September 09, 2019, 1:35 PM GMT+0

YouGov analysis of Brits’ attitudes to insurance.

Insurance is often considered a useful safety net for anyone looking to protect their possessions, their health, their loved ones, or their finances. The majority of Brits hold some kind of insurance policy.

But if Brits need insurance, they don’t necessarily like it: only 6% of Brits intend to stay with their current provider, and almost three quarters (73%) of policyholders are actively shopping around for alternatives.

YouGov’s new whitepaper, Better safe than sorry, reveals a real lack of trust in the insurance industry – to the point where most consumers simply don’t believe their insurers will pay out legitimate claims. It also examines popular attitudes to the market, the kinds of cover Brits prioritise, the methods they’re using to choose new providers – and the public appetite for emerging insurance innovations such as dashcams, telematics, and smartphone apps.

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