We dig deeper into what people think, do and say to really get behind the ‘whys’. From classic face-to-face methods to pioneering online approaches, we embrace the power of our panel and technology to bring people together and gain fresh and authentic insight.

State of the art techniques
State of the art techniques
Pioneering qualitative online methods – from online forums to focus groups and apps.
Experts in the field
Experts in the field
Highly experienced experts who design research for the world's leading brands, committed to solving your challenges.
Adaptable to your needs
Adaptable to your needs
We don't have a one size fits all approach, but offer research that is designed entirely for your needs and your budget.

At YouGov, the qualitative research team use classic face-to-face methods and innovative online approaches harnessing the power of our panel to answer questions and solve problems. We are pioneers of qualitative online methods – from online forums, through to focus groups and apps.

We conduct campaigns/communications testing, test ideas and brand health, and help our clients develop new products and services across all sectors. We also explore the opinions and behaviours of a diverse range of people, from C-Suite executives to students, and opinion formers to vulnerable groups and niche audiences.

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Our panel-centric approach brings meaning to "Connected Data"

At YouGov we constantly collect data from our panellists on a huge number of topics. This gives us real time insight into what people actually do and think. Consequently, our qualitative outputs bring meaning to the ‘Connected Data’ that we already hold on panellists, providing clients with rich and detailed insights.

Targeted sampling on what people see and do

The YouGov panel allows us to recruit on the basis of what people actually do, see or buy over time, minimising the established problems of claimed behaviour that can hinder traditional research. We have thousands of data points on each person whether it’s TV viewing, the charities they support, their shopping habits or websites they visit, allowing us to find the most relevant people for any project.

Qualitative interpretations of real time data

Through continuous panel engagement we are pioneering real time responses. We can do this qualitatively through apps, online forums and focus groups. The team has led industry thinking in this area - access an abridged version of a longer piece written exclusively for Admap here.

Thought leadership

We regularly conduct online and face to face focus groups on topical issues to feed into public debate. For example, we conducted focus groups with undecided voters for the BBC Sunday Politics Show in the run up to the 2017 general election, and have run several focus groups with the public on the topic of Brexit. We regularly run ‘Qual of the Quarter’ research, in which we deep-dive a topic in the public eye. View some of our latest research below:

Qual of the Quarter articles: Travel & Brexit - 4K TVs - The financial crisis 10 years on

The Advantage

  1. 1. Global online community

    YouGov operates a global online panel of millions of people who talk to us every day about their entire world in exchange for points and rewards, or because they want to contribute to the national debate.

  2. 2. Advanced analytics

    Our online analytics platform, Crunch allows both YouGov researchers and our clients to navigate, analyse, visualise and present their research findings in one simple, intuitive online platform.

  3. 3. Connected data universe

    The YouGov Cube is where we store everything we learn from a continuous conversation with our global online community. It's a connected data universe built from three dimensions; time, data and people.

The Qualitative Team

Melanie Nicholls leads our seven-strong qualitative research team. The team is made up of sector specialists who – between them – have over 50 years of research experience. YouGov qualitative is experienced in conducting UK and international research projectors working in partnership with YouGov Hubs and partners across the globe.

Melanie Nicholls

Head of Qualitative Research

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