As a global public opinion organisation, YouGov is privileged that so many people around the world share their views and behaviours with us every day.

We turn this opinion into powerful data sets that are used by governments, public health organisations (inc the World Health Organisation), media agencies and brands to help them best navigate the pandemic and the evolving consequences of it.

Key features

Global survey
A global survey using a consistent approach across markets to allow for comparison and benchmarking.
Weekly updates
The surveys are conducted on a weekly basis with data made available 48 hours after a survey closes.
coverageAdapts to changing circumstances
Questions evolve to reflect the current stage of the virus, and some tailoring of questions is applied to adjust for local scenarios.
State of the art analytics
Data delivered every week through YouGov's Crunch platform allowing effortless analysis.
8-week subscriptions
Subscriptions run for an eight-week period.
Historical data included
When joining during a subscription period, the client receives any back data for that period, and weekly updates from that point on.


Prices are very competitive.

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Historical data from previous periods is available at a 50% for current subscribers.

Subscription period 1 Starting dates vary per market

Subscription period 2 May 4th to June 26th

Subscription period 3 June 29th to August 21st

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