Survey children aged six to 18 and parents of children aged 18 and under in Britain, France, Germany and the US.

Tailored samples
Tailored samples
Target any age band between six to 18 and reach up to 1,000 children or parents in Britain and up to 500 children aged six to 15 in France, Germany and the US.
Flexible timings
Flexible timings
Start surveying parents on any working day, and children every week.
Fast results
Fast results
Receive results from children in three to five working days and from parents within two working days in Britain, and from children in five to 10 working days in other markets.

Children and Parents Omnibus rates

Including survey design, full-service support and full results analysis.




Standard question


Children in Britain




3 working days




5 working days

Parents in Britain

(of children aged 18 and under)




2 working days

*Minimum four questions.

Rates shown are for the UK only, please contact us for rates in global markets.

Today trends and fashions change faster than ever for all of us, but with children, what’s “hot” can go to “not” in no time at all. Sometimes it’s difficult to second-guess what children are thinking and how they perceive their world. Find out children’s views of products, track effectiveness of advertising, test their knowledge and even compare their opinions to their parents.

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