YouGov’s custom research trackers offer dynamic and integrated performance monitoring. Whether you're looking to track your brand perception, campaign effectiveness or customer satisfaction vs your competitors, our research experts will design a comprehensive tracking study that will deliver the data you need to stay one step ahead.

  • Brand Health and Reputation Tracking

    Invest in monitoring only the moments and audiences that matter most to your brand with our core continuous tracking of your brand and key competitors.

    Supplement this always-on approach with focused modules that allow you to dive deeper into key brand and reputational drivers. Provide interpretation and insight that your board, marketers and communications teams need to feel confident that their decision-making is guided by best-in-class brand and reputational intelligence.

  • Campaign Effectiveness Tracking

    From eye tracking and emotional response to real time multi-channel brand and ad perception, discover just how much you are moving the dial with an accurate, connected and bench-marked reaction to your above and below the line campaigns.

    Our advanced methods provide the data you need to guide your communication strategy and inform channel investment decisions as well as offering insight-led audience definitions for programmatic buying.

  • Customer and Competitor Satisfaction Tracking

    Identify and diagnose the true pain points your customers experience with your product or service. Invest only in the improvements that will increase and maintain customer advocacy at overall relationship and transactional levels.

    Stay ahead of your competitors by consistently bench-marking your performance against your peers across the most important preference enhancing dimensions. Drive competitive advantage by bringing together internal customer and external competitor angles in a world where most consumers are primed to ‘shop around’.


Competitive advantage driven by continuous, reliable insight

Consumer led
Consumer led
Make decisions grounded by responses from your target audience and the wider market.
Insight driven
Insight driven
Drive investments built on a highly tuned understanding of your brand perception and competitive advantage.
Data fuelled
Data fuelled
React fast with robust, dynamic research augmented by the world’s biggest connected data set – the YouGov Cube.

Fully customised research consulted to your needs

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