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Cameron’s ‘Big Society’

Cameron’s ‘Big Society’

Just days after Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to initiate his ‘Big Society’ campaign, it seems most do not know much about the ideas but are prepared to ... (Comments: 0)

  • Mandelson attracts criticism

    Peter Mandelson has seen a dramatic increase in volume score on the TellYouGov leaderboard following the release of his controversial autobiography, entitled The Third ... (Comments: 0)

  • Remembering 7/7

    Last week marked five years since the 7th July London transport bombings that left 56 people dead and hundreds more injured, and despite there ... (Comments: 0)

  • Vote for voting

    Nearly half (45%) of the British public is in favour of switching to the Alternative Voting (AV) system proposed by the Liberal Democrats, while ... (Comments: 0)

  • Would AV make a difference?

    Today’s announcement that the referendum on the Alternative Vote will take place next year prompts an obvious question: what difference would AV make? Nobody ... (Comments: 0)

  • Support for Clarke

    Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has been enjoying a wealth of positive sentiments on TellYouGov following his speech outlining plans for a radical reformation of ... (Comments: 0)

  • Drop in Lib Dem support

    Almost half (48%) of Liberal Democrat supporters say they are now less inclined to vote Lib Dem after the party’s ‘betrayal’ of a U-turn ... (Comments: 0)